WSO2 Governance Registry Adding Custom Artifacts

WSO2 governance registry is the SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) governance model of the wso2 product catalogue.  If you are an enterprise that has a lot of SOA artifacts to be stored or governed, you might find wso2 GREG as a handy tool. GReg provides SOA artifacts manipulation in two aspects – as a meta data repository and a governing software.… Read more →

balloth ekka ba

බල්ලොත් එක්ක බෑ – ප්‍රහසන සහ විහිළු

සිව් පදයන් දෙකකි. චරථ භික්ඛවේ – චරථ භික්ඛවේ චරථ භික්ඛවේ – චරථ භික්ඛවේ චරථ භික්ඛවේ – චරථ භික්ඛවේ චරථ භික්ඛවේ – චරථ භික්ඛවේ ලේනා ජම්බු ගහේ – ආයේ නගී ආයේ පස්සේ ලේනා ජම්බු ගහේ – ආයේ නගී ආයේ පස්සේ ලේනා ජම්බු ගහේ – ආයේ නගී ආයේ පස්සේ ලේනා ඌ ලේනා! මුල් සිව් පදය ඇසු විට මට නිකන්ම මතක් වූයේ දෙවැන්නය. පළමුවැන්න සම්මා දිට්ඨි සූත්‍රයේ… Read more →


Contrast stretching in a nutshell

Is there anything in this picture? Apparently not! This is a perfect example for a low contrast image, where all the image data are packed within a very small range of colours. The histogram for the given image looks like this. Histogram is the graph, in which image pixel densities are plotted against their colour levels. Here X- axis goes… Read more →

Implement a Mean Filter with OpenCV

In the last blog post I have stated how to implement a median filter with openCV and a bit to the discrete convolution theory. The approach I have used there was a bit straightforward than the convolution. Here in the mean filter the implementation will follow the convolution theory with applying a 3×3 kernel to the source image. The basic… Read more →

Implement a Median Filter with OpenCV

Median filter is a low pass bandwidth filter which uses a kernel function over the image matrix to manipulate it. The kernel may be defined as 3×3, 5×5 or based on the user preference. Then it uses the discrete convolution to calculate the result matrix. What is discrete convolution? Discrete convolution is a method that multiplies 2 arrays (here one… Read more →

State Estimation with Kalman Filter

Kalman Filter (aka linear quadratic estimation (LQE)) is an algorithm which can be used to estimate precise states of a moving object by feeding a series of noisy sensor inputs over time. The Kalman Filter and its derivatives namely, “Extended Kalman Filter (EKF)” and “Unscented Kalman Filter” are highly reputed in the field of information processing. The most famous early use of the… Read more →

Using Hg Mercurial behind a proxy

You might have faced to download gigabytes of repositories with Hg. In my case, a big portion of Mozilla repositories depends on it and wanted to download that huge repos from the university network. University bandwidths are mostly underused Hg uses hgrc file to load configurations. (Per repository) You can go to your repository, .hg/hgrc and add following with your… Read more →

Writing Axis2 Handlers

Interfering the message flow Axis2 handler is the smallest invocation unit of the axis2 engine, which has ability to intercept into the message flow during the runtime and operate read/write operations on an incoming or outgoing message. i.e: if you need to route messages coming with specific attributes to a different end point or count the number of messages with… Read more →

Writing WSO2 IS Integration Tests

Integration testing is a phase of software testing cycle in which we verify that the software/module/component functions as it is supposed to be. Generally in any platform integration testing shares some mutual behaviours. We write each test class against a particular function of the module. After invoking each function programmatically the retrieved results may asserted against preferred results. If the… Read more →